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Students work 1:1 with expert educators, mentors, and tutors to define their strengths, interests, and goals for high school and university, deepen their extracurriculars, improve academic performance, and develop the soft skills they’ll need for high-impact performance in high school and beyond.

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A Strategist works 1:1 with a student long-term, designing a developmental trajectory that equips them to take ownership of their education and prepares them for high-impact performance in high school, college, and their future career. In particular, a Strategist focuses on:
Personal Skills
Communication Skills
A series of unique extracurricular courses and tutoring for students aged 11-14. Enabling students to identify their passions and start building a stellar profile early.
Foundation Skills
Admissions Jumpstart
Speech and Debate
Social Entrepreneurship
Model UN Tutoring
Global Language Tutoring
A high-powered set of online workshops and cohort-based programs focused on skills-building and career-oriented opportunities for Rise students.
Youth Work Immersion
Career Workshops
Bespoke subject tutoring delivered by Crimson experts hailing from the world’s top universities. Whether your child needs content clarification, homework support, or subject-specific revision technique, our tutors are here to serve as mentors as well as subject guides.
Computer Science
Social Sciences
English (written)

Rise Services Explained

A customized educational pathway delivered by the world’s top mentors


A Strategist works 1:1 with a student and their family to design a customized educational pathway, including coursework selection, extracurricular exploration, and fundamental skills development. Our Strategists prepare students to take ownership of their education, readying them for high-impact performance in high school, college, and their future career.

Meet our Strategists

Rise U: Extracurricular Courses

An exclusive menu of extracurricular courses and tutoring is available for students aged 11-14. Our world-class tutors and mentors support students in gaining exposure, identifying their passions, and starting to build a stellar profile from a young age.

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Bespoke subject 1:1 tutoring with Crimson experts hailing from the world’s top universities, covering everything from content clarification to guidance on challenging homework assignments or subject-specific revision techniques.

Group Programs

A high-powered set of online workshops and cohort-based programs focus on skills-building and career exploration for young students, run throughout the year with a constantly changing roster of featured experts.

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Discover Rise U Extracurricular Courses

Admissions Jumpstart
Foundation Skills
Speech & Debate
Social Entrepreneurship
Model UN Tutoring
Global Language Tutoring
Youth Work Immersion Group Course
Career Workshops Group Course
Admissions Jumpstart (16 hours)

Crimson’s Admissions Jumpstart course demystifies US and UK university admissions, introducing students to the value of a university education in a fun, interactive way!

  • Admissions requirements;
  • Introduction to university selection;
  • Introduction to major/course selection;
  • Writing workshop;
  • Provisional timelines;
  • Analyses of role-model profiles.

This course is delivered in four units and incorporates insights from admissions officers, practical workshops, research activities, and analyses of role-model professional and Crimson alumni profiles to launch students’ admission journeys. Ideal for students aged 12-16.

Foundation Skills (20 hours)

A precursor to the Rise Capstone curriculum, this course focuses on building fundamental skills necessary for successful, Ivy League-level extracurricular and leadership work.

Topics include:
  • Research techniques;
  • Professional communications;
  • Project management;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Internships.

This modular course allows students and their mentors to focus on the topics most relevant to the student’s needs. Upon completion, the student will be prepared to effectively engage with existing extracurriculars and/or design and execute a Rise capstone project.

Entrepreneurship (20 hours)

Through in-depth exercises and real-world examples, this course allows students to engage with the building blocks of thinking like an entrepreneur, ideating a start-up company, financing and budgeting a business, and designing an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Topics include:
  • Market Analysis and Fulfilling a Need;
  • Financing and Budgeting;
  • Real-Life Case Studies;
  • Prototyping;
  • Marketing a Product.
Speech and Debate (25 hours)

Based on the Cambridge Trinity curriculum, this course introduces a student to formal debate via practical assignments on analysis, argumentation, research, and writing.

Topics include:
  • Argument structure;
  • Corroborating evidence;
  • Debate analysis;
  • Evidence comparisons;
  • Real-world applications;
  • Writing argumentative essays.

More than formal debate practice, this course gives a student the analytical tools to understand and engage with the world around them—an increasingly crucial human skill in context of today’s dependence on technology-driven communication.

Social Entrepreneurship (21 hours)

This course provides students with a foundation in the history of social entrepreneurship and the critical processes of designing, financing, and launching a business that does social good.

Topics include:
  • Definition of social entrepreneurship;
  • Real life case studies;
  • Design process;
  • Communications and team management;
  • Pitching a venture.

The Social Entrepreneurship course emphasizes real-world case examples, concluding with a final project in which the student analyzes elevator pitches and designs a pitch for their own proposed enterprise.

Coding (24 hours)

This course gives students a taste of real programming in some of today’s most powerful languages, including Java, Python, and HTML. 

Topics include:

  • Web development introduction  (HTML, CSS)
  • Block-based programming (functions, animation)
  • Python introduction 

A highly practical experience, this course incorporates multiple hands-on exercises with revisions and debugging, engaging the student in full-fledged web applications as they practice problem-solving and design-thinking skills—applicable not only to coding but to their entire academic career.‌

Model United Nations Tutoring (20 hours)

This program offers bespoke, 1:1 coaching that supplements a student’s experience in a local or school-based Model UN club. 

As with any skills-based activity, high performance as an MUN delegate requires both practical experience and technical coaching. While most clubs provide a space for students to practice acting as a delegate, these group settings lack the personalized attention necessary to hone a student’s skills. Crimson pairs the student with an expert who coaches them as they work through their club’s curriculum, refining the student’s skills and preparing them to lock in a prestigious résumé addition. 

Global Language Tutoring (20 hours)
This program offers bespoke, 1:1 tutoring to supplement a student’s studies of one of the following languages:
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Latin;
  • Japanese;
  • Mandarin.

Crimson’s tutoring provides support to students interested in developing a conversational level of fluency. Focus can be on any topic the student is interested in targeting, from area-specific vocabulary to deeper grammar explanations to conversational practice.

Youth Work Immersion powered by Crimson Careers | Group Course

A 4-week intensive skills-training and work immersion experience through one of Crimson’s corporate partners, including YourCycle and AWS. Students attend skills-focused seminars, networking events, company touch-points, and office hours with expert mentors to ensure they are equipped to develop their assigned team project throughout the program. Final projects are ultimately pitched to the company, with each team’s work reviewed on quality and innovation.

Career Workshops powered by Indigo | Group Course

A series of 2-week, limited-time-only workshops with professors and field-experts introducing students to the most exciting, unique career pathways on the market. Offered throughout the year, each workshop is only guaranteed once, providing students an exhilarating opportunity to glimpse multiple non-textbook industries—from drug design to plasma technology to business in the arts.

Workshops include one week of interactive lectures with the field expert, followed by one week of 1:1 project-based work on a personal essay, summer program/internship application, or research proposal with a Crimson Project Mentor. Designed for students aged 12-15.

What’s Your Rise Journey?

Set your goals, select your journey.
Global Learner
Admissions Accelerator
Future Career

Global Learner

The Global Learner program emphasizes skills development, passion building, extracurricular exposure, and confidence development.

Ideal for students developing core skills, interests, and a sense of passion or direction.

Admissions Accelerator

The Admissions Accelerator program emphasizes profile-building and a contextualization of university admissions.

Ideal for high-octane students personally invested in learning and growth.

Future Career

The Future Career program emphasizes preparation for a specified career, including targeted profile building, career exposure, and contextualization of university admissions. Ideal for high-octane students committed to a specific career interest.

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